Videopremiere: Pikes Edge – Denial of Service

Tyskerne Pikes Edge slipper sin nye skive All of your beauty i november. Skiva er produsert av U.D.O. sin eminente bassist Fitty Wienhold. Pike’s Edge også har samarbeidet tett med U.D.O. over en lengre periode.

Vokalist Pike har følgende å si om singelen:

“Denial of Service is a song in which we raise our voices against racism, nationalism, hate, war and discrimination of humans.

In this song we call for a “Denial of Service” when it comes to mentioned inhumanities!

The cover depicts a dark future, a world bombed by wars and a successful hunt on war mongers and blood suckers who make profit of other people’s misery and are responsible for this dark future.”

Her er første singel og video fra den kommende skiva:


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